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For over 20 years, FirstSouthwest Asset Management has specialized in providing focused and appropriate investment advice to local government clients. Our professionals offer personalized expertise, insight and experience to supplement clients’ investment staff.

FirstSouthwest Asset Management is a SEC-registered investment advisor and currently provides investment advice on more than $10 billion in public sector client assets.
Focused Approach
Our customized focused approach to the management of public funds offers our municipal clients a number of tangible benefits, including:
  • Safety of principal while providing adequate liquidity
  • Proactive advice from our SEC-registered investment advisors
  • Cost-effective and competitive access to the capital markets through dozens of independent brokers
  • Investment opportunities that help protect earnings
  • Customized investment strategies to help clients realize their goals
  • Regular updates on changing market conditions and their potential effect on client portfolios
Comprehensive Services
We provide a full range of personalized investment management and advisory services.
  • Portfolio Management. We assist with investment management by reviewing estimated cash flow needs, developing investment policies, formulating strategies, analyzing investment alternatives, selecting securities, overseeing security settlement and preparing reports.
  • Investment Policy and Portfolio Compliance Review. We perform in-depth checks of the entire investment process, assess risks, and review transactions, strategies and procedures. We then offer useful suggestions on how to improve earnings and reduce exposures.
  • Advisor Services. Our professionals perform regular oversight of client portfolios. We understand the unique objectives and constraints of the public sector and offer investment support for existing staff at larger local governments.

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Advisory services offered through First Southwest Asset Management Inc., a SEC-registered investment advisor.

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